Artist Statement

My interest in old tools came from my Grandfather and Father. I attempt to capture the nobility and character in well designed and well used tools. I love to celebrate the patina in the wood and metal of these antique items. In each composition I constantly wrestle with the ability to capture what a photo cannot. I am currently attempting to move beyond old tools, studying light and reflections in various items. I have also begun experimenting with drawing on wood directly.


I have been interested in artistic expression since I was in grade school. I was trained in art at the College of DuPage and began drawing portraits then. I majored in Visual Communications at Northern Illinois University, where I also studied Art History and Color Theory. I continued my drawing talents by creating portraits as gifts for friends and family. In about 2012, I visited art fairs where I was inspired to challenge myself to put together some drawings and enter our local art fair. At this time I started drawing old tools and have continued to explore other antiques as subjects.


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  1. Glen,

    Met you last weekend at the fair in Naperville. I now want to work with pastel colored pencils and I am excited to use them. Love your work and inspired by your story. I want to challenge myself to put together some drawings and enter local art fairs. Please let me know when you will be at shows in or near Naperville.

    Mark Scherer

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